29 September 2015

The mysterious staircase of Devonshire Street (22 Sep 2015)

A minor architectural curiosity on Devonshire Street.

Haverhill Street, by accident or design (3 Jul 2015)

We aren't sure if it's by accident or design, but the light does interesting stuff on Haverhill Street.

27 September 2015

Funky stick insect crane = fast construction (22 Sep 2015)

The crane is like a giant stick insect attached to this fast-sprouting tower at the former Filene's site.

The brutal, modern slopes of Beacon Hill (25 Sep 2015)

Bits of the brutalist Government Service Center and the Saltonstall Building, not really on Beacon Hill, but in the foothills.

Republic of China in Boston's Chinatown (25 Sep 2015)

In Boston's Chinatown, the Republic of China's flag reigns supreme.  The PRC gets the last word over on the Surface Road, however.