30 September 2013

Plum Island (30 Sep 2013)

Some snaps from a quick trip to Plum Island.

Artificial mountains in Salem (30 Sep 2013)

Construction continues at the Salem depot...

27 September 2013

Stone at the Quai des Orfevres (6 Sep 2013)

No sign of spilled Calvados, however.

Métro line 5: metalwork at Gare d'Austerlitz (10 Sep 2013)

Line 5 of the Paris Métro has a good above-ground stretch, pigeon approved.

Plumber, not known if Polish (8 Sep 2013)

An interesting structure on the rue Vincent Compoint.

A prowl on the rue Championnet (8 Sep 2013)

Some good morning light demanded a prowl on the rue Championnet.

24 September 2013

The rue du Poteau market area (6 & 9 Sep 2013)

On and near the rue du Poteau, you'll find one of the better traditional marketplaces in Paris.  There's everything from fruit to horsemeat...