17 September 2014

Gnarly tree at the Willows (17 Sep 2014)

With the summer crowds having dissipated, I felt it was finally time to head out to the Willows.

26 August 2014

The red barn of Flint Street (20 Aug 2014)

Some tree shadows lend an air of spookiness-in-broad-daylight at the red barn of Flint Street.

Dusk and algae at Collins Cove (26 Aug 2014)

An algae bloom at Collins Cove ?  I shall ask the resident marine biologist...

Update: the biologist tells me "bloom" is the wrong term to use in regard to the kind of algae that's likely in question.

15 August 2014

Moar early evening light in Salem (15 Aug 2014)

A forlorn scene on Church Street, the old jail (now a hipster burger joint), and a couple shots of the power plant as seen from Derby Wharf.

06 August 2014

Bonus cloud (6 Aug 2014)

A week after the big storm, Salem gets a bonus cloud.  I snapped these views of it from Derby Wharf.