31 October 2012

30 Oct 2012: Kosciusko Street post-Sandy

A post-Sandy view of Salem's Kosciusko Street.

30 Oct 2012: Sandy flotsam

A bit of flotsam churned up by frankenstorm Sandy near Salem's Derby Wharf.

30 October 2012

23 October 2012

23 Oct 2012: power plant and ye olde latrines

Salem's power plant is due to be closed in a couple of years, much to the relief of the gardeners of Palmer Cove.

Meanwhile, ye olde latrines are lined up near the temporary eateries on the Common.

18 October 2012

18 Oct 2012: the lodger

Whiskey has been our guest for the last week.  We have to return him to his owner this weekend.

13 October 2012

13 Oct 2012: New England Telephone Building and Hayward Place

There was some nice light in Boston this afternoon, so here we have a couple views of the New England Telephone Building and also Hayward Place, seen from Washington Street.