21 June 2013

Lafayette Street pedestrian tunnel (19 Jun 2013)

Just what this stretch of Lafayette Street needed !  A pedestrian tunnel !

South River Basin clearance (19 Jun 2013)

Plenty of clearance at the Congress Street Bridge, even at a rather high tide.

Forlorn pay phone on Derby Street (21 Jun 2013)

Some urban wreckage on Derby Street.

The new gods of Lafayette Street (19 Jun & 21 Jun 2013)

The new gods rising on the St. Joseph's Church site will be concealed, unfortunately.

Light on Boston's Washington Street (19 Jun 2013)

Some light and shadow play at the northern end of Washington Street.

Bad old habit: road cones (21 Jun 2013)

A nice line of road cones on Washington Street in Salem.

19 June 2013